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My name is Nicholas Ward, I am a visual artist based in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. 

My artwork explores the “Hollywoodized,” staged, vision of the west. How the ‘wild’ west exists more in pop culture and media than in grounded fact- and how fluid the distinction between fact and fiction is during that period. Playing with the proportions of things within my paintings helps to illustrate this sense of ‘unreality’ – a monumental hand, miniscule head, a really long arm- they fit, but there is a sense of surrealism to the whole scene to draw you out of this latent vision of the west. Examining storytelling and human nature makes one realize how fluid history really is. This concept seems particularly prescient during the 18th/19th century American West due to circumstance, technology and the very human tendency to embellish stories- whether by intent or the fragility of memory/emotion.   

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